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America's Pros Inc. is a Rochester Hills Michigan contractor that provides residential homeowners as well as commercial and industrial building owners:

These home and building improvement services include attic insulation, crawl space insulation, industrial insulation, commercial insulation, “RIP” rodent intrusion prevention, power washing, scrubbing and staining decks, vinyl siding, fences, and play structures, custom interior painting and exterior painting, customized colored concrete driveway and sidewalks, just to name a few.

America's Pros, America's Home Care and Home Improvement Specialist, is a fully licensed and insured contractor, is a Veteran Owned company, and guarantees materials, products, and workmanship.

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Maintenance and Repair Testimonials

"I have had America’s Pros complete a number of home repairs for me over the years at our home in Farmington Hills, including insulation, which cut our energy bills, painting and handy man repairs. Each time I have been extremely satisfied with the work that was completed. At this time I called you to fix what seemed to be a leak in my roof and or skylight. Once again I am very grateful that you were able to do the work. Joe came out to assess the problem. It was obvious that Joe was very knowledgeable, honest and had integrity. Fortunately he informed me that he was able to repair it at that time. Obviously I was relieved that it was a rather easy fix. But beyond that I am very thankful of Joe's honesty. He could have told me that the problem needed a much more extensive fix. He did not. As a home owner for a long time I have found that when I find a skilled, honest and trustworthy company it is a gold mine. I have found that in America’s Pros." Feb. 11, 2017, Farmington Hills MI


"I have hired America's Pros for three jobs since April of 2014 home here in Farmington. I am very happy and pleased to write this positive review on all three.

The first job completed was adding attic insulation. Scott and two of his crew came by to survey the job and to measure for the amount of insulation needed. During their inspection I pointed out that, in addition to the insulation, I also needed a proper dryer vent installed in the attic. Scott informed me they could do all I was asking of them and promptly provided his quote. After shopping the job I found their quote to be very competitive and called Scott to accept and schedule the work. On the appointed day America's Pros arrived on time, installed a proper dryer vent, and added 14 inches of blown insulation to my attic. The job was completed the same day they arrived. Scott's team was very courteous and responsive, and answered all of my questions. The attic access is in my garage and they actually swept my garage clean before they left.

The second job I hired America's Pros was a concrete job. I needed my entire garage floor replaced as well as a portion of my driveway. A portion of my garage floor was cracked and had lifted approximately an inch and a half over the winter. I had concerns of whether or not a new garage floor with a proper base would effectively solve the problem. Scott arrived with his concrete professional and they assured me that replacing the garage floor with a proper concrete base would solve the lifting problem. After shopping the job, I found again that the quote from America's Pros was very competitive so I didn't hesitate to hire them. America's Pros arrived at the scheduled time and completed the job of breaking the old concrete, installing the proper base, re-pouring the garage floor and a portion of my driveway within the same day. Over the winter the garage floor did not lift and there are no stress cracks. I am very satisfied with the new concrete.

The third job I hired America's Pros to complete was a small repair on a portion of my roof and replacement of the 12 existing attic vents. It appears that other companies were not interested in quoting this job because it was too small. Regardless, America's Pros completed the job in several hours and cleaned the work area thoroughly. Once again I am very pleased with their work.

America's Pros has earned my business and my trust. Scott and his team at America's Pros will be the first I will call for any future work I need completed on my home." EFK, July 28, 2015, Farmington MI


Furnace Runs Less Thanks to Attic Insulation: "Scott, Thanks for your help blowing additional insulation into our attic! America’s Pros crew did a great job installing insulation in my attic and I am thrilled with the results." read more attic insulation testimonials.


"Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with all of the work that America’s Pros has done for me here at Simply Self Storage over the past few years. Scott, everything America’s Pros has done, roofing repairs & replacement, siding, concrete repairs and even the work at you did at Crooks road by replacing the door and hardware that was damaged by a landscape company, has been top-notch. And better yet, America’s Pros bids are always very competitive! Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference for other companies in the Metro Detroit area that are looking for a professional contractor to handle their maintenance and repairs." Ken Kort, District Manager - Michigan East, Simply Self Storage, Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Insulation Rebate Forms

Consumers Energy Windows and Insulation Rebate Forms "I was gone to India for a couple of weeks and just got back to Rochester Hills. Thank you for sending the rebate link. Our furnace had a problem with one of the censors and was not working properly. Once we got it fixed, the house feels warmer and upstairs is a lot more comfortable than what it was before the insulation. We just got our Consumers Energy bill and the gas consumption has gone down by 10 units. Last year for the month of Feb, we used 40.1 units (Mcf) and it was not as cold last winter, as it has been all winter long this year. This year the consumption was 30.9., almost 25% less usage. The attic insulation did make a huge difference this winter. Thank you!" Nirupa, Rochester Hills, MI, March 10, 2014


America’s Pros, Inc. corporate offices are located in Rochester Michigan and have clients in, but not limited to, these cities: Troy, Royal Oak, Clawson, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Auburn Hills, Southfield, Utica, and Sterling Heights.


Home Insulation
Home Improvement
Stamped Concrete
Concrete Repair
Commercial Painting
Home Painting
Power Washing
Animal Intrusion
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Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, Troy, Birmingham,  Richmond, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills, and all other locations in Oakland County and Macomb County.

We offer many home improvement and business improvement services including:

Home Cellulose Insulation
Concrete Repair
Driveway Repair
Driveway Caulking
Electrical Repair
Attic Insulation
Crawl Space Insulation
Animal Intrusion
Stamped Concrete
Commercial Insulation
Home & Building Winterization
Commercial Painting
Home Painting
Residential Painting
Interior Painting
”RIP” Rodent Intrusion Prevention
Industrial Painting

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America's Pros, License no. 2102198209
America's Pros, P.O. Box 81275, Rochester, MI, 48308-1275, Phone: 888-336-PROS (888-336-7767), Fax: 248-218-1765

America's Pros, Inc. ownership and staff has over 30 years of experience in home, commercial and industrial building maintenance and repairs! Our office is located in Rochester Michigan and we serve all of Oakland County, Macomb County, and Wayne County.